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love the colors and the grittiness.

first problem is that you were slightly off center here - to the left it seems. noticeable in the lights and the path.

i'd have move the sign at the bottom though before taking a pic. not sure if it is 'allowed' but a lot of photographers interfere with the environment to make it more presentable. like i said not sure if that clashes with some integrity, but here it shows really well, because almost as soon as i saw this pic my eyes went to the sign at the bottom and then tried reading it, and since it seems irrelevant it is a distraction.

the other thing is some very faint thing outside (hill?) or something. i feel it should be photoshopped out, or somehow fixed in camera before taking the shot (if possible).

other than that, it is a great find and a great execution. :b0x0rz:
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GoheX Featured By Owner May 2, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for your thoughts =)

Yes, it is slightly off centre, I've noticed that myself but I don't feel it detracts from the overall shot, if anything it increases the feeling of depth with a play on cognitivity.

Funnily enough that's the first thing my father said about this shot, was he didn't like the sign. I see no problem with fiddling with the environment but I felt it added to the Street categorization, but I can understand where you come from, and appreciate you telling me =)

I did consider editing out the path on the other side but I decided against it, as I thought it made the shot more interesting, a glimmer of hope that there is something in the vast darkness at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you for your opinions, stars and time. I truly appreciate it, and you have definitely helped me with your critique =) :hug:
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