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Submitted on
December 25, 2005
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(Contains: violence/gore)

i could see the lights below. the helicopter was fast, but noisy.
we landed via the ropes from the helicopter. i was leading a group of six.

it was an ice skating rink. i entered, nobody tried to stop me. i was armed with a pistol only, but the others had g36c assault rifles very visibly displayed. the local police and security services were notified of our arrival. we were to find 3 people from my list of 7. it seemed to be a family. they all had the same last name.

we entered the ice skating rink. one of the men stayed at the entrance gate to the ice. we all marched right to the center. the music stopped. people stopped. when i stopped at the center of it, and looked at my piece of paper, everybody went silent. 5 people in full military clothes, armed to the teeth.

i read the first name in the list. it was a man of around 32, maybe 34. he started walking towards me, with tears in his eyes.

i said, while pointing my gun at him: "on your knees please, sir. hands behind your back."
the man said nothing, but complied.
soldier handed me the man's id card: "it's him, sir."
i nodded.

i looked at the man again, and then looked at the paper again. he knew. he was looking at me, scared and begging silently.

i read the second name. it was a woman’s name.
she was already walking towards me when i looked up from the paper.

"on your knees please, ma'am." she kneeled next to her husband, i suppose.
"it's her, sir."

they were both on their knees. she started sobbing, he was crying silently.
they both knew what was coming.

i read the third name. it was a woman's name. no. no. it was a girl's name.

when i read her name, the man and the woman both tried to jump off the ground, but were held down by the soldiers.
a little 6 or 7 year old girl was standing in a crowd of girls. all but one moved away, when soldiers started walking towards them.
they brought her to me.

"what's your name little girl."
she said nothing.
"what is your name. you can tell me."
"are you emily?"
she nodded.
"we have them all", said the soldier.

i replied, "yeah."

i made a phone call. a satellite call through iridium 8817_sat.

"sir, i have them all. how would you like them delivered?"
"their bodies will be cleared by the local secret service."
"you heard me."
"we have a 6 year old girl as well."
"their bodies will be cleared by local security service. take some pictures before you leave."
"that is all."
"yes, sir."

people started crying. not just the three in front of me, everyone in the ice skating rink.

i fired my pistol 6 times, and said only, "take some pictures", before walking away.
mature content for a reason.
posted under fiction, for it would be too sad if it was true, and nobody wishes to believe that it could be true, anyhow.

based on true events.

**next part: declassified information .2
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This is incredibly powerful and I really could visualise what was happening each step of the way. Which maybe isn't all a good thing!

The first thing I noticed was your lack of capitals...usually I moan about it, but this time it took a harsh edge off the whole piece. It seemed to me that your lines and the story you were telling were hard enough without the added punctuation - if that makes sense.

I like that the technicalities are in here - the iridium 8817_sat and the g36c rifles. It shows that you either have experienced a world where this type of equipment is normal or that you've researched or gained knowledge somewhere along the way.

One small picky bit - 'that it all.' I don't know, but maybe you meant that is all? My brain stuck a while on that line trying to make it fit because the rest of the piece was perfect in its own way.
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b0x0rz Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010
true. :nod: :b0x0rz:
vital-organs Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Extremely sad. I understand why you would want to list it as "fiction," because admitting to myself that such things happen would be too heartbreaking.
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